Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) initiatives are a key component of Crescent Midstream’s corporate strategy. Crescent is committed to maintaining a strong environmental and safety record for its pipeline operation to the benefit of its employees, customers, and other stakeholders. In addition, Crescent has executed marsh preservation projects to mitigate coastal erosion in areas that have been impacted by inclement weather events to both protect / rebuild these areas and maintain Crescent’s operations long-term. Crescent is also actively involved in community outreach in Southern Louisiana and supports numerous organizations that drive positive a positive social impact within Crescent’s operating footprint.

Crescent’s pipeline transportation operations provide integral service that connects crude oil produced in the Gulf of Mexico to Gulf Coast demand centers and minimizes carbon emissions across the supply chain. Crude oil barrels produced from the Gulf of Mexico are understood to be less carbon intensive than barrels produced from other regions in the US (1). Crescent has also instituted several operational practices to reduce the carbon emitted from its assets such as remote troubleshooting, variable frequency drive, electrical motors, and LED lighting. Crescent works closely with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies to ensure safety protocols that create safeguards to prevent any environmental issues associated with its services.

To further its ESG initiatives, Crescent Midstream is currently pursuing the construction of a carbon capture and sequestration system (“CCS”) in Louisiana. Crescent aims to utilize its significant midstream infrastructure and operating presence to connect industrial carbon emitters to carbon sequestration sites, helping reduce carbon emissions in Louisiana.

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